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    Discounted 2-day Park Hoppers?


    My son is going to Southern California with some friends after graduation and they plan on spending two days at Disneyland. Any idea what the best deal is on the 2-day park hoppers? I did a search here but didn't find anything. I've checked:

    1. The Disneyland website, but it looks like the discounts are only on 3-day park hoppers or more. They list the 2-day at $132--it looks like no discounts.

    2. Anaheim Orange County Convention Bureau, but it looks like you only save $2, and then pay $10 to ship, so no savings there.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially by my son, since he's paying for it THANKS!


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    Re: Discounted 2-day Park Hoppers?

    Well, the best deal is if you are a Southern California resident. Then you get a two day hopper for the same price as a normal one day. And I think that offer is only online.

    Other than that I'm not sure.
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    Re: Discounted 2-day Park Hoppers?

    If we lived in Southern California, we'd have Annual Passes I wish we had access to the So Cal deals, but I guess Disney realizes those of us out of state will pay a premium.

    Anyway, thanks for at least responding! I wasn't expecting a lot of help on this question from this board, since it seems most people on here are APs or go for longer than 2 days (we're usually there for a week when we go so I know about discounts for that long).

    Thanks again for responding! Looks like I'll need to rely on my own research this time

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