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    What area/layout of Disneyland do you think Imagineering wishes they could do over?

    I'm not talking about underachieving/failed attractions, but about placement of attractions, layout of lands, space, etc. At WDW, they have so much land, everything is spread out, but at Disneyland, land is a premium and they have to be uber-creative in fitting things in.

    I personally wish they had placed POTC/NOS farther north so that Adventureland had more space. POTC ties in well with adventure, of course, but there is NO space for anything more in Adventureland. The queue for Indy *barely* even fits. There literally can never be another attraction in that land unless they bridge over it or have a queue on the Main Street side of Jungle cruise. Which is too bad, because Adventureland has so many possibilities.

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    Re: What area/layout of Disneyland do you think Imagineering wishes they could do ove

    The parking lot.
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    Re: What area/layout of Disneyland do you think Imagineering wishes they could do ove

    Easy. Tomorrowland. All the plans percolating right now involve adding attractions, changing the paint and theme, bringing back stuff and changing stuff. They are pretty much coming out and saying it is their problem area. Personally though, I don't think Tomorrowland is the worst off.

    As for what area I think needs the most help? Mickey's Toontown. Only 2 attractions, that can be called attractions with a straight face, a Jolly Trolley that doesn't work anymore, a playground unusable during the summer, and a Boat and Treehouse that are no longer fun. Plus it's at the back of the park in a deadend with only a single path leading in and out. There is a Toontown trainstation, but the entrance is in Fantasyland.
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