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    My favorite place to eat is The Plaza Inn at the end of Main Street. The fried chicken is my favorite meal to get. Yum! I just love the food and atmosphere.

    Second on my list would be Cafe De La Zoloco (or however you spell it). Now that it's been redesigned as an all Mexican restaurant it's even better. The food is real tasty and again the atmosphere is perfect.

    Next on my list would be The Golden Horseshoe Review (in Frontierland) and The Village Haus (in Fantasyland). The food is nothing to write home about at these places but the atmoshpere is perfect. The stage show at Golden Horseshoe always makes me smile as does the beautiful carving and pictures at the Village Haus.

    I've has lots of memorable meals at these places and taken may pictures too. Dont' miss 'em!
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    thankx diz didn't know, don't go to blue ribbon.

    Hey does anyone remember when TPG had hot wings (20 piece under $10, it always warmed me up)

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    I have a hidden gem for ya'. Now listen close friends, if you have the time, and the dignity, the best places to get food are in the sit-down restaurants. But not where you would normally expect. See people generally go to the walk-up counter style when they are really hungry; they want the food right away and they are going to eat it all. Well at the sit down type, kids are generally dragged here and would rather be on rides. They aren't very hungry and definately will not be eating all of their food. So, when the time is right, waltz on over to a table that has recently been vacated and is yet to be cleared, and have your way with their left overs! It is not like they are a strangers, you have been watching the group that recently ate there, you know what they look like, if their hygene is reasonably similar to that of the civilized western nations, then eat up!

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