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    YES, Tahitian Terrace was my favorite restaurant!! I used to go there for my birthday! They'll never bring it back though...
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    Hawaiian dinner and a show

    Aloha. I miss the beautiful Polynesian atmosphere. The intimate theatre with talented Hawaiian dancers plus a scrumptious meal was a pleasant experience. It was very comparable to a luau in Hawaii. Plus, it complimented the Tiki Room.

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    I've never been there but from the videos and pictures I've seen it seems like a great place that I might have visited eventually. I have, however, never gone into the Aladdin show.

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    Loved that place. Rising entertainment costs, my was all about theming in with the new animated features coming out and make the parks more "modern". Then it was shuttered less than five years later. Hmph.

    Just goes to show you that the classics will always endure...

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    Quote Originally Posted by HarajukuBoy
    I personally never experienced it. I wish I had, because all the pictures looked like it was great. Wish it would come back, but once it's gone, you know it's never coming back
    Me either. Totally feel like I missed out on something.
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