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    DLR trip report from 3/2008

    Hi everyone. This is my first trip report and my frist threat starter.
    We went to Disneyland in March and had a great time. We did the Minnie and Friends breakfast first thing Sunday morning. My son wanted to be in the park when it opened so we went at 7 am. It was wonderful. We saw so many characters and the food was good. We went to the noon meet at met some great people. We went to Fantasmic and saw the fireworks and did DCA and the Electric parade. We did all the Disneyland had to offer. I never wanted to leave. My 7 yr old daughter got picked to be in the Alladin storytelling show for the second time in her life. She was now tall enought to go on all the rides and went on most of them. BTW my kids are as follows, Daughter 19, son 16, and daughter 7 (now 8). My hubby couldn't get off work but ended up with the flu so it was better that he atayed home. I missed him alot though. Asfter DLR we went to the beach one day and Knott's BerryFarm one day. Knott's was a big disappointment compared to Disney. THe beach was fun. I am origionally from upstate NewYork right on Lake Ontario and miss the water her in AZ.
    Back to the report. We went to Downtown Disney and did Biuldabear and My little one did Libby Lu. She got her hair done and all. It's cheaper there than in the park at Princess fair plus you get a backpack with goodies in it. They did her hair, nails, and make up for alot less than at the fair for just hair.
    We had a blast and I wish I could tell you in detail all about it but I'm sure you'd get tired of reading it. BTW, we stayed at the Super 8 on Ball rd the first night and have stayed there many times before, we love it there. But due to cheaper rates we stayed at the Super 8 on
    harbor the rest of the 6 days and hated it. No elevator, rude people, not refrigerator and just unpleasant. So break down, Super 8 on Ball good, on Harbor bad.
    Here are pictues. I hope you enjoy them. They only few of the 400 I took. Just click on the picture and it should give you a slideshow.

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    Re: DLR trip report from 3/2008

    Awesome trip report and pictures! Thanks so much for sharing

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    Re: DLR trip report from 3/2008

    Cool pics. Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: DLR trip report from 3/2008

    Looks like you guys all had tons of fun!!! Sorry your hubby couldn't make it though!! Thanks for sharing your pics!!
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    Re: DLR trip report from 3/2008

    great trip report and pictures!!

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