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    Miceage in Yesterland???

    The title is there to get your attention of course. Sometimes I like to post things to get people talking and I'm sure this will.

    I have been reading Miceage since it's first days. There are a few of you out there that remember back then. I think it was around 2002/ 03. Al use to do updates on a weekly basis, and now?? It's been about 2 months since his last. A lot of what use to be written was mostly critical of past Disney management and was of course prior to Matt Ouimet coming on board and making a lot of the changes that we had all hoped for. When I first started to read Miceage the park was in horrible condition and now, even though it has problems, is much better having recovered from the previous administrations neglect and merchandise driven attitude. Maybe Al has made his point and the park has recovered therefore the news has faded. However, I really miss reading Al's updates. He is very insightful, and accurate. Over the past few years Miceage has brought on many other writers which keep the site going, but what about Disneyland updates. This has forced me to get most of my information from other Disney News Sites who maintain weekly news updates. Every now and then Al will put something at the end of his updates explaining why he hasn't updated us, I'm sure he receives email, but now I want to turn it over to the chat boards that were born out of Miceage and see what you'all think...

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    Re: Miceage in Yesterland???

    I have been a reader since those halcyon days as well, and do miss the more-regular updates. However, I do enjoy reading the other columns here, from the likes of Kevin Yee and Werner Weiss, that gives me a much broader perspective than the old days. Where else are you going to get such an in-depth look at the Main Street unmentionables store by Werner this week? But remember--without all the additional content here, in years past Al's lone weekly update might have been the ONLY thing available for the week. Now, there's something new to read about nearly every day.

    Besides, Al has stated over and over again that he won't go with an update until he makes sure all his ducks are in order. That quest for quality is much appreciated, and the fact that he takes his time to verify what he writes about leads to better, more accurate articles.

    You may be right in some respects, however: with the Park in pretty good shape, maybe there just isn't as much dirt to dig up. And really--that's a GOOD thing.

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    Re: Miceage in Yesterland???

    Just to echo what Steve said ...

    When there is something to update, there will be an update. There are plenty of other updates happening on a daily basis around here. In fact, I think the only day we don't have "something" is Sunday's.

    Monday's - Monday in the park column
    Tuesday's - If Al doesn't have a column, it's generally something from Kevin
    Wednesday's - If Al has a column it's usually Kevin, if not O-meon, Sue or somebody else like Steve with one of his great train articles.
    Thursday's - Could be Yesterland, could be O-meon, Sue, Ian or Steve.
    Friday - Friday's in the park update
    Saturday's - Weekend Update

    I think you'd be hard pressed to find another site that has consistently great updates 6 days of the week.

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    Re: Miceage in Yesterland???

    Good to note as well, that Al only reports when he has lots of news. He constantly checks and double checks his sources, and that's why updates don't always come that often.
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    Cool Re: Miceage in Yesterland???

    Yeah, I would like more, but am glad there aren't as many troubling things to report as there were in the beginning of mice age, or when he helped found mouseplanet, or even back when he did the DIG. Merlin's beard! How long have I been reading this guy?

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    Re: Miceage in Yesterland???

    I wouldn't want him to say something he can't back up. It's good to see that he checks his sources.
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