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I think the concept has some potential, but I would avoid going too much in the technilogy showcase type of idea. I would go more for a fun Sunday drive concept that could both tour the land and maybe have more of a fun theme than going to a factory. I like those types of old style disney attractions, but they just don't remain popular, and I'd rather see the ride somehow feel more tied to the feel of a 40-50's desert Route 66 roadstop.
yah, the factory thing was just something to add variety to the ride rather than just looking at a desert. I really thought this up quickly. I'll start thinking of more areas to ride through.

edit: and the "factory" i pictured in my head didn't look much like a factory at all; it had great big glass windows lining the top halves of the walls and the inside was ... well i don't know. I think my brain was creating a desert airplane hanger and I thought it to be a car assembly line.

What i was mainly trying to get with this ride was the style of a '50s road trip. That was my primary concept