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    Question Disneyland Forever Music CD Kiosks

    Does anyone know if the custom CD machines in the Main St. Music Shop are running and what CD's can be made there? The last few times I've been at the park they've either been down or the machines were strictly used to look at the titles they had on the shelf and not to order your own. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Disneyland Forever Music CD Kiosks

    When I was there in july, the Kiosks were being used purely to sample avaiable music. Unfortunetly the Disneyland Forever is long gone now. Sad too, I loved those things.

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    Re: Disneyland Forever Music CD Kiosks

    Yes, the kiosks are used to sample music, but the music being sampled are mainly archived albums only, meaning the CD's are of old vinyl albums that have never had CD releases. You therefore can't buy most of these off the rack at any store. For that reason, I think you still have to place your order from the kiosk and have the CD made to order.

    I haven't browsed the entire catalog, but if I remember, you can get things like the old Tiki Room/Jungle Cruise narration album, Date Night at Disneyland album, various albums from Annette Funicello. I prefer the DL Forever stuff myself.

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