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    Smile DCA Music ... sounds hauunting but I would still like a list if you have it.


    First off, does anyone have a playlist of the California inspired songs that they play at the entrance way and Sun plaza area of DCA? They would be a great memory.

    But also.... have you ever noticed that in Disney's attempt to have cutting edge outdoor sound, they kinda messed up.

    In many parts of the area you only get 1/2 the stereo mix or in other words, you are only hearing the "right speaker" or "left speaker".

    I suppose it is most obvious during the song "California Dreaming" as the echoing verses are cut off and you only hear half. But what you do hear instead is the ghostly, ominous, echo sound that I found rather chilling.

    It happens on a few of the songs.

    So first, has anyone else ever noticed this.

    And two.... does anyone have a set list.

    Disney Road

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    Re: DCA Music ... sounds hauunting but I would still like a list if you have it.

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