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    Disneyland Community Service Project

    Hey Micechatters -

    This spring, I began a project to send a group of children that participate in afterschool programs at a community center in the Linda Vista community of San Diego. The idea is that Disneyland is a community center of sorts - a shared experience of most southern Californians that gives us a common bond. However, in this age, Disneyland is not accessible to many families - especially many in this community. The intent of this project is to give a group of children the opportunity to go to Disneyland that wouldn't have that opportunity otherwise. There are many other fringe benefits for these children should they get to go - seeing something outside thier immediate environment, the inspiration, and most simply, the joy of a day at Disneyland.

    Let me get this out of the way - we're not asking anyone here for money. What I am looking for is contacts or ways to get the necessary funds donated for such a project. I would love to go through Disneyland itself to at least fund part of the trip, but their corporate website offers little in this regard - at least for a group in San Diego county - and I've been unsuccessful otherwise in making a conact. My question to the micechat community is can you suggest anyone or ideas on who to contact within Disneyland? I understand some of that may be sensitive information, so if you need to send me a private message, go ahead.

    Any other ideas are appreciated as well - this trip would work best if we could locate a corporate donor. I remember my original goal was to raise $2500-$3000 in order to cover admission (for roughly 12 kids, 2 chaperones), meals, transportion (we have to rent or pay a shuttle van), t-shirts to keep our group together, and a small souvenir. Writing this today, this seems a little high, so I'll have to revisit my inititial breakdown of costs. And this is the dream scenerio - obviously we could probably do with a little less.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Re: Disneyland Community Service Project

    try that's the new site for donation requests.

    If that doesn't work.. call 1-800-232-2970 and ask that you be sent a "Youth Fun Days" flyer. Info on prices and the important stuff can be found at if you have at least 10 kids going, it's a GREAT deal on admission, and you get one free chaperone per 10 kids.

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