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    My TSMM Opinion w/o Pics


    Well yesterday I was lucky to attend the soft opening for TSMM. Line was about an hour. Now here is my opinion:

    The Queue:
    Mr.Potatoe was amazing. However, you won't be able to hear him 95% of the time you are in line! In WDW they have switchbacks in front of potatoe head allowing many people to see him. In DCA you get a quick glimpse of him unless you are not in line.

    On a hot summer day.... it would be boiling hot. Most of the queue is in direct sunlight. With only a small tree shading you. Then you hear California Screamin' coming every 30 seconds. It was very annoying. The inside queue was even more hotter then it was outside! The fans were no help. Overall, the queue was pretty dull. The only entertaiment were the signs explaining what games you were going to play.

    The Ride:
    The ride was very smooth. There was barely any spinning so do not worry about getting dizzy. Well the practice round was very short. You have a quick practice and then move to the next game. In my case, we were stopped many times! I believe in 4 games and 1 time in front of nothing we were stopped.

    When you are stopped you still get to play, however for no points.

    The egg toss game was very fun. Shooting was easier then I though. The string easily pulls in and out. It is also very easy to aim.

    The balloon game was amazing as well. Air blew in your face after you hit some targets.

    The green army men game was fun as well. The "flying" targets looked almost impossible to get!

    Now the ring toss game I wasn't very impressed by. It was very simple.

    The west game was really fun! Hit a target to get more targets! Also remember to keep shooting as you move.

    The mine game was fun as well. A great way to get all of your points.

    The prize booth was a great way to add to the theming. Then you swiftly move the see the three highest scores of the day. Then the highest score of the month.

    The Exit:
    Great themeing here! You see the midway playset set up in the room. Then you exit in a gift shop. Tons of toy story items here.

    Overall, it was not a E ticket. It was more of a D ticket. I was not impressed by the queue at all. The ride was fun though. In my opinion, it is not worth more than a 30 minute wait. I can tell you though, better then BLAB.

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    Re: My TSMM Opinion w/o Pics

    thanks for sharing.

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