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    Re: Jack Sparrow - No Pictures Please!!?!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tammy77 View Post
    we were there on Sunday and the same thing he kinda ran away when I took out the camara for a picture with him and my husband thought it was alittle weird.....
    If he doesn't want to have his photo taken he is working in the wrong place. I have encountered this same "Jack" and he is a real pain to track down. I do however have pictures with him...and he posed, granted this was a while ago. Maybe something chnaged?
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    Re: Jack Sparrow - No Pictures Please!!?!

    We just returned from DLR and my grandson was a little disappointed with the Jack Sparrow we encountered on Pirate's Lair. He didn't get Jack's autograph but instead got the autograph from the CM who was with Jack. Jack also took my grandson's hat and we had to follow him a distance in order to retrieve the hat. Needless to say, I got a picture of Jack wearing my grandson's hat and my grandson when he finally got his hat back. What bothered me was that Jack stopped and signed other kids' books and took pictures with them, so how do you explain to a 6 year old why Jack wouldn't take a picture with him or sign his book. I guess Jack wearing his hat made up for it.

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    Re: Jack Sparrow - No Pictures Please!!?!

    I'm all for staying in character (I'm an actress myself), and I do think if someone is rude that Jack has every right to blow them off, but to the people that are nice and patient...they deserve a picture and autograph from Jack.

    If the meet and greet system was different, there wouldn't be a problem, but if you can get a picture and autograph from all of the other characters, Jack shouldn't be an exception. Behave differently, yes, but not upset guests wherever he goes.

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    Re: Jack Sparrow - No Pictures Please!!?!

    The only Jack we encountered was very different... but he was so nice to the kids. I am very sorry for what has happened to others. All I can think is that the age of the kids (2.5, 4, and 5) may have made him think twice about various antics. He even did the whole fingertip thing with my youngest. So again my apologies to anyone who has had a bad experience.
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    Re: Jack Sparrow - No Pictures Please!!?!

    I know that characters like Esmeralda and Tarzan were taken out because of certain lusty guests... maybe they're just trying to prevent such things with Jack? I don't know, I don't completely blame him for keeping away from older guests.

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    Re: Jack Sparrow - No Pictures Please!!?!

    Esmerelda lusty? I thought they had a rule against showing belly buttons.

    Well Jack once stole my hat, ran into the caverns, handed to some kid, and luckily I was able to find that kid holding my leather tricorn. No pictures because he was running throughout the island being chased by a bunch of kids.

    Those Jacks gives us amateur Jacks a bad name!

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