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Thread: December Trip

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    December Trip

    My dad gave us a choice to go to Disneyland Resort in either August or December.
    I've only been at Disneyland Resort at Christmas once and I'd like to go again.
    But i was wondering how bad do you think crowds will be from the week of Dec. 22-26 2008. I already know Christmas day is gunna be horrible so we r choosing that day to relax but i'd like to know how it usually is before and after Christmas since this year our trip is all on weekdays. I just remember Christmas eve wasnt bad at all.
    Also any rehabs i would like to know too.

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    Re: December Trip

    Those December days will for sure be VERY crowded...but, I'd prefer December over August ANY day. Plus, it's just so beautiful during that time

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    Re: December Trip

    Well, August is one of the hottest months, and in December, esp. the end of December it will be super mega crowded, so you have to pick.

    You you want to deal with 100 degree temps or thousands of people?

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    Re: December Trip

    It's so much more enchanting in December, and a bit easier to escape the 'elements' the closer-to-the-equator sun is a nasty thing to deal with and if you go in Aug. remember to reapply the sun screen and don't forget parts in the hair and exposed scalp.

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    Re: December Trip

    I am thinking about going to Disneyland for the weekend before my birthday which is December 9th and i heard it is probably one the best weekends to go because decorations are up and crowds aren't quite their because of school.

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