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    A Few Questions...

    In 2 weeks (July 8th) I will be making my first trip to Disneyland/San Diego!!! I have questions about the Innoventions, Pirates and Toy Story Mania.

    -When is the Innoventions House opening.?

    -Is Innoventions (as a whole) the same/as good as the one in Epcot?

    -Does Pirates have Fastpass?

    -Does Toy Story have Fastpass?

    EDIT: I heard Indy was down.
    Does anyone know if it is running again?

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    Re: A Few Questions...

    I don't know..........

    Nope, not of I heard of...........


    And, nope!

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    Re: A Few Questions...

    I'm not sure about the first two.
    Pirates & Toy Story DO NOT have fastpasses. Pirates line is usually fairly short but TSMM you need to expect a long wait. I waited 70 minutes, it's still new.
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