Hey guys! This has been a huge enigma for me for several years, and I figured that maybe I could go to someone here for help.

During Disneyland's 50th anniversary, special merchandise was released, not just in the park, but on Disney's online store as well. The site had special 50th merch sectioned off by land, and in the New Orleans Square category, there was a jewelry box with the infamous redhead gone rogue painting (by Marc Davis) on the top (and if you need reference, just look at my avatar!). When I saw this online, I was instantly in love...however I was a senior in high school, and I knew asking my mother to order this (I think it was $80) would have been a foolish endeavor. I had the hope that it would still be on the site for Christmas, but of course, it wasn't.

I've tried looking for this thing since then. I'm constantly checking ebay. I've done google searches to at least get a picture of it, but to no avail. So I'm wondering...does anyone know what I'm talking about? Can anyone here help me? I would very much appreciate it!