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    Slight Fireworks Mishap - 06/30

    Watching from the garage, I noted one of the plumes of a mid-show 'work making it to the ground (not unusual). A little later, in the same area, one of the heart 'works went off at ground level (at its normal appearance time). A little smoke was seen in the area, and a cluster of smaller 'works also went off at ground-level. The problem was then apparently handled by the ground crew, with no further effects on the show. (Good, quick, work!)

    I wonder how often this level of incident occurs? Considering the number of areas they use for firing, I figure there's at least a dozen ground crew back there...

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    Re: Slight Fireworks Mishap - 06/30

    before during and a little bit after the fireworks show, there is a foot and vehicle restriction for a lot of the backstage area. the only crews around are dfd with fire protection on. if you are working in any of the buildings during this time, they lock you in to prevent you from getting hurt from the fallout that occurs normally during the show. a misfire like that happens time to time, after all, doing this show everynight there are a lot of variables such as humidity and temperature which affects the firing of pyro. so even though something like that happens, its a real safe situation due to the measures taken by the park to keep the area clear of non essential personel

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    Re: Slight Fireworks Mishap - 06/30

    Quote Originally Posted by vanx View Post
    a misfire like that happens time to time, after all, doing this show everynight there are a lot of variables such as humidity and temperature which affects the firing of pyro.
    Not to mention the sheer number of pyro that gets fired off when you're doing this scale of a show nightly. You're bound to get the duds and bad ones every now and then.

    I want a webcam on the launch site so we can watch it launching. =D Can you say geek alert?

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    Re: Slight Fireworks Mishap - 06/30

    I'm sure this is a common occurrence, probably happens just enough to keep them on their toes.

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    Re: Slight Fireworks Mishap - 06/30

    When I worked in costuming for the MSEP, we would have to exchange the battery packs that power the lights in the costumes for fresh ones after the first parade. We'd sit in our little mule tractor with the spent battery packs carefully balanced on the hood and wait for the security cast member to give us the all-clear to drive backstage in the area behind Small World.

    Two guys on our crew always volunteered for this job. Their mission in life for one summer was to find one of the fireworks that had not gone off and was missed by the fire department during their clean up sweep.

    One night, they found one.

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