>>Ok, so we all know that the Disneyland Resort has gotten too many clones/cheapy rides based on Pixar movies. But when was the last time they made an ride based on a Disney movie? Better yet, whats so futuristic about a generic space TOY and a lost fish?<<

I do agree that sometimes Disney has gone overboard with the kitty stuff in tommorowland. But people in the year 2005 don't have the same obsession with the future like they did in 1955. Heinz Hober's atoms on the Disneyland U.S.A. DVD almost put me to sleep. I think that DL needs to go moderate with things like that. I want to have fun but not be taught a Science lesson. I think Nemo is a fine idea to replace the Subs....I must say it is better than a empty body of water and Autopia gift shop. What is so futuristic about cars that go 10 miles an hour...They were there 50 years ago as well. Kiddie-Tommorow Land has been in existance for longer than you think.