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    Early Entry Question

    Is there any difference in the Early Entry package for guests staying at a Disney property hotel and the one for guests at Good Neighbor hotels?

    Also, do folks have any opinions on which are the best Good Neighbor hotels in terms of convenience in getting to the parks?

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    Re: Early Entry Question

    No really.

    Magic Mornings are available to anyone who buys most 3 day or longer ParkHoppers in advance. (Will be marked on the ParkHopper).

    Disneyland will also allow Disney owned Hotel Guests into Magic Mornings if they have their Room Charge Slip, even if they don't have the proper ParkHopper.
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    Re: Early Entry Question

    Tagging along with this thread - does each person in the party have to have a room charge slip or is there a # of guests allowed in with each room charge slip? I'm assuming kids don't need one, but what about adults sharing a room?
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    Re: Early Entry Question

    You only get one slip per room, so yes, if you say you're all in a group it should be okay.

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    Re: Early Entry Question

    Up to five people per slip I've been told.

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    Re: Early Entry Question

    I'm pretty sure Light Mouse is correct... it's five per slip, unless they changed it from when I worked at the DLH FD.
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