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    More Inside Info About TSM Than You Could Ever Want...

    Design news has a rather lengthy article talking about Toy Story Manias ride system at this link:

    Its a very technical article, but fun to read from an engineers point of view. Its incredibable to see how advanced wireless networks really are.

    They also have a couple of pretty good videos:
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    Re: More Inside Info About TSM Than You Could Ever Want...

    That was awesome! Thanks for posting that. I was wondering how they were coordinating things. I hadn't thought of the mechanical play and how it would relate to the 3d effect on the screens. Sounds like a cool solution to that problem!

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    Re: More Inside Info About TSM Than You Could Ever Want...

    Thanks for the article. It certainly is interesting to see how complex the whole ride system is.

    To the rider it feels effortless. Good Job Disney!

    Also its good to hear Disney was willing to part with old ways of doing things. They really used a lot of advanced technology to pull of the ride.

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