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    The 10 Best Things Disneyland Ever Did EVER!

    (Yes the bad grammar is intentional)

    Theres a thread here of the worst mistakes Disney made in the 90s, and while we can all come up with an awesome laundry list of mistakes Disney has made... I thought it would be fun to consider the best things they've done or come up with. So I'll give mine and maybe someone else will add theirs as well.

    Rules: It can be anything. A Ride, Parade, Policy, Isolated Moment, whatever you want. Just in your opinion... WHAT ARE THE 10 BEST THINGS DISNEYLAND EVER DID EVER


    10. Built a Berm: Kept the real world out, and the magic in.
    9. The Matterhorn Bobsleds: Proved a thrill ride could be intensely themed
    8. The Electrical Parade: Simple in construction, Innovative in execution
    7. Pirate's Animatronics: Lincoln may have been the first AA, but Pirates really showed what they could do.
    6. The 50th Anniversary: Sparked a renaissance in restoring Disneyland to its former glory, proved that big spending could turn in big profits.
    5. Patented Fireworks: Nowhere else can you see fireworks quite like the ones at Disneyland...... unless your in disneyworld.
    4. The Dapper Dans: They were there when your grandparents visted the park, and they'll be there when your grandkids visit.
    3. Mouse Ears: It began as merchandise for the Mickey Mouse club. Now they're a right of passage for first time visitors, and mandatory for anyone who claims to enjoy the park. Perhaps the most iconic souvineer in history.
    2. The Windows on Main Street. One of the most charming and touching honors anyone could get. Honorees go from creating and maintaining the magic, to becoming part of it.
    1. The Indiana Jones Adventure. The best example of what Disneyland is all about. Immersive theming, Unique tech, and a clear story told.

    Close Calls:
    California Adventure: Though much maligned, the park helped turn Disneyland as a one day park, into a resort, bringing in more out of state tourists, and putting more money back into the park.
    The Golden Horseshoe Revue: A classic show that made the record books.
    Mr. Toad's Wild Ride: Most children today don't even know the story, but the ride is solid enough to remain a Fantasyland favorite. The same could be said for Splash Mountain.

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    Re: The 10 Best Things Disneyland Ever Did EVER!

    Bringing back the subs... even if they are nemo themed, at least they're back.

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    Re: The 10 Best Things Disneyland Ever Did EVER!

    And don't forget the moveable lasers in BLAB

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    Re: The 10 Best Things Disneyland Ever Did EVER!

    In no particular order, and not duplicating any good ideas from above:
    • Telling you exactly which stall to park in
    • Churros
    • Space Mountain
    • Holiday It's a Small World
    • The design of New Orleans Square
    • Getting rid of ticket books
    • Hungry Bear
    • Cleanliness
    • Adding individual seatbacks to Splash Mountain logs
    • Fastpass

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    Re: The 10 Best Things Disneyland Ever Did EVER!

    A few, in no specific order, no duplicates also:
    # Making park-hopping standard with nearly all forms of admission. (If I recall, in DCA's early days only hotel guests with multi-day park tickets could park-hop.)
    # Retheming the inside of Matterhorn Bobsleds. (To be fair, I didn't see the original hollowed-out version. But those caves are so COOL...)
    # Haunted Mansion Holiday. (Some may disagree, but...)
    # Fantasmic!
    # Setting the high standard for the cast.
    # Disneyland Railroad. Adds substance to the berm, which as was said above, wraps up everything perfectly.
    # Audio and lighting along all the parade routes. Adds a lot to the parades.
    # Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. A minor obsession
    # Tom Sawyer Island. How cool can a playground get? And to quite a lesser extent but still worth mentioning, Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, for the same reason.
    # (this is a minor one but...) Displaying that Space Mountain model that's presently in the Opera House. I love that kind of thing.

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    Re: The 10 Best Things Disneyland Ever Did EVER!

    10. Indiana Jones Adventure
    9. One price admission
    8. Expanding to a resort
    7. Addition of Subs (original)
    6. Dole Sponsorship (Yay for dole whips!)
    5. Magical Mornings
    4. Renovating Space Mountain
    3. 50th Anniversary
    2. Eisner stepping down
    1. DCA's 1.2 billion dollar expansion
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    Re: The 10 Best Things Disneyland Ever Did EVER!

    I'd have to put more thought than I have time for into a full top 10 right now, but this would definitely be on my list:

    Hiring Matt Ouimet.

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    Re: The 10 Best Things Disneyland Ever Did EVER!

    Dang, if this is a top 10 of things EVER done, I'm not even gonna bother starting. It's impossible.

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    Re: The 10 Best Things Disneyland Ever Did EVER!

    The Creation of Disneyland... DUH!!!!

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    Re: The 10 Best Things Disneyland Ever Did EVER!

    Quote Originally Posted by Coheteboy View Post
    Dang, if this is a top 10 of things EVER done, I'm not even gonna bother starting. It's impossible.
    Yeah, I agree, everything people have said are great but there's so much and so hard to put it in order, this could easily be a top 100.
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    Red Face Re: The 10 Best Things Disneyland Ever Did EVER!

    One of the things they did that I thought was cool was the recycling of all of the anamatronics from our beloved America Sings into Spash Mountain. It's a great ride and I always feel nostalgic when I'm on it.
    It may have zippity to do with doo-dah

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    Re: The 10 Best Things Disneyland Ever Did EVER!

    The 50th Celebration, is IMO, the best thing that has happened to Disneyland. It was the first time in so long that the park was sparkling, the rides were well-maintained, and the entertainment was spectacular. The new attractions were great, the refurbishments of Space Mountain, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, and Small World were even better, and we finally had some upper management that had their head on right.

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    Re: The 10 Best Things Disneyland Ever Did EVER!

    #10-Open up Downtown Disney in Anaheim
    #9-Bringing back The Electrical Parade at DCA
    #7-The 50th Anniversary
    #6-Re-opening of Space Mountain (I missed it)
    #5-Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
    #4-Finding Nemo Sub ride
    #3-Indiana Jones Ride (Great Ride)
    #2-DCA's 1.2 billion dollar expansion (Including Toy Story Mania)
    I have a tie for 1st Place
    #1-Built a Berm: Kept the real world out, and the magic in.
    #1-Holiday Haunted Mansion (TNBC Theme)
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    Re: The 10 Best Things Disneyland Ever Did EVER!

    1. Invention of Audio Animatronics
    2. The Haunted Mansion
    3. Pirates of the Caribbean
    4. Indiana Jones Adventure
    5. New Orleans Square
    6. 50th Anniversary
    7. Original Submarine Voyage
    8. Original Version of Fantasmic
    9. Matterhorn
    10. Main Street USA Nastalgic Recognition of the Past
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    Re: The 10 Best Things Disneyland Ever Did EVER!

    Two things come to mind for me. The refurbishment of Fantasyland in the early 1980s was brilliant. Rethemeing the building facades to match the attractions and blend with the castle makes Fantasyland feel like another world altogether. I can't help but feel underwhelmed when I visit the MK in Florida because their Fantasyland feels like painted boxes that house rides.

    I also love Star Tours. While I am a huge Star Wars fan, when Star Tour first opened it was state of the art. No one had ever seen anything like it at a theme park before. Throw in the first time that C-3PO and R2-D2 were built as robots and you have something historic. While Universal used Back to the Future for a similar attraction, Star Wars has a longer shelf life ensuring that Disney can use it for years to come(and clone it out to the other parks).

    Sometimes I think we see a 20 year old Star Tours and think about how old it is, but it's always incredible to experience it with someone who has never ridden it before. When I see this happen, I remember just how remarkable the attraction still is(and an upgrade will hopefully make it even better).

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