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    Lightbulb Duffy the Shutterbear (photos BY Duffy)

    This was seriously sidetracking another thread, so I thought I'd make a new one. This is a place not for pictures of Duffy (necessarily), but for shots snapped "by" our favorite little bruin.

    I think it could be cool to see this evolve into a photo contest, provided there's enough interest and we agree on some rules. I'd like to suggest that the first rule is that photos must be taken with a "Duffy-sized" camera. It doesn't have to be perfectly to scale, but it has to seem reasonable that if Duffy were a real, live bear (and we all know he is!) one could reasonably imagine him using the camera. Secondly, all photos must be from Duffy's height/distance/angle perspective. The whole point is to see things the way Duffy "sees" them.

    I'd love to time these contests with Shopping Trips (NOT required for contest participation). The winner could get a small, random prize. The only problem with this is that it would be out-of-pocket for me, all the time. Not only the item, but also shipping to wherever in the world the winner lives. I think this is a dealbreaker.

    Another option would be to have all of us who live near Disney parks with access to Duffy goods to serve as rotating judges — whoever judges also chooses and pays for awarding the winner's prize. This still has the problem of a few people paying for everyone else on a regular basis.

    I guess we could just do it for fun, with no physical prize?
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