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    3 42.86%
  • For Kids

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  • Open Exploration

    3 42.86%
  • Structured Presentation

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  • Cute Theming

    2 28.57%
  • Dark Ride

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  • Outdoor Ride / Experience

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  • Nautical

    4 57.14%
  • Magical

    3 42.86%
  • Adventurous

    5 71.43%
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    Question What would a Duffy attraction be like?

    What do we imagine when we think of Duffy having a non-entertainment, interactive attraction in the park(s)? An exploratory area like Tom Sawyer Island or Fortress Exploration? An exciting thrill ride? A simple "kiddy" ride? A game? Something else?

    What about the theme? Teddy bears? Dreams and wishes? Adventure and exploration? Nautical or magical?

    My ultimate dream Duffy attraction is, of course, Minnie's Co-op Workshop™. I think it would be amazing.

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    Re: What would a Duffy attraction be like?

    I think a good attraction for Duffy would be something where you are a part of the attraction. Where you bring your Duffy and do your own adventures. Kind of like Redwood Creek Challenge Trail at DCA. There could be photo spots for your Duffy, and lot of things to do, like sailing a ship with your Duffy or placing your Duffy on a Pedestal and making that trigger the events. You would chose and make your own adventure. They could hand out photo pass cards at the beginning of the attraction and at the end, you could make your own little Duffy photo album for a reasonable price. Hows that?

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    Re: What would a Duffy attraction be like?

    There are so many possibilities, I had a hard time picking just one of those choices. You should have added an "all of the above" button, LOL!

    I like FI183's suggestion. It would allow people to take their own Duffy on an adventure. Although I wouldn't mind seeing that concept introduced park-wide. Something like EPCOT's Kim Possible scavenger hunt...only at TDS it would be with your own Duffy.

    I think Duffy could still have a separate attraction in addition to the scavenger hunt. I don't know about a dark ride, but maybe. I wouldn't mind seeing a Duffy water ride...possibly a tamer version of Splash Mountain, or even POTC. Sure, there's Sindbad, but then TDL next door has several water rides. So, boarding small ships and setting sail with Duffy would be a lot of fun. They don't have to tell his origin story either, since that's done in his show. This could just be random adventures. I would SO love to see Duffy AA's that look just like the plush!

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    Re: What would a Duffy attraction be like?

    the whole minnie's workshop thing would wok for me , like a build a duffy type of thing but not stuff him like build a bear more like having clothes for him in a way that you can look like your making the clothes your self, like some sticky glue that the clothes would be held together with and the kid/adult would go up to one of minnie's helpers with a sewing machine and they would have a special button that they would hold on the machine while the person actually sews the clothing for them making it feel like they are part of it. thats the type of duffy attractions i can see, other than that maybe i a ride through attraction like winnie the pooh where you take an adventure into cape cod and into duffy's world would be another great idea

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    Re: What would a Duffy attraction be like?

    I think a mixture of everything would be good--like Minnie's Workshop as the shop for Duffy (and the end of the ride) with a little area for where he stays and then various parts you can explore around.

    As for the ride, maybe a mixture of different vehicles as you go around the world.

    I don't think it should be dark, but adventurous and magical would work well (with cute being the store/outside of the ride)

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