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    Now there's a new ShellieMay popcorn bucket at Tokyo DisneySea.

    t was inevitable, really. ShellieMay gets her own things just like Duffy. This is a very cute bucket, and matches the regular Duffy bucket, of course. It's pink.

    It says it goes on sale September 5th for the same price as the Duffy bucket.

    Personally, I'm kind of glad I haven't collected any of the previous buckets, because then I would have to add this to my collection. I just have NO place to put these buckets, so I'll admire them all from afar.

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    Re: Now there's a new ShellieMay popcorn bucket at Tokyo DisneySea.

    Oh there are SO many things to collect, just keep going, don't stop, don't look back. Enjoy ownership.
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