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    Stay Dry, DuffyD!

    Just saw on CNN there's a typhoon heading towards Nagoya, which is south of Tokyo.

    1 million urged to flee as typhoon bears down on Japan -

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    Re: Stay Dry, DuffyD!

    Oh, my.. My prayers go with all of those who live over there, especially DD.

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    Re: Stay Dry, DuffyD!

    Hopefully it won't hit too hard

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    Re: Stay Dry, DuffyD!

    Oh no): I will be praying for everyone over there. Hopefully, everything turns out alright and not bad
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    Re: Stay Dry, DuffyD!

    In my thoughts and prayers
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    Re: Stay Dry, DuffyD!

    Yes, much Duffy love and prayers to all of our friends in Japan! Stay safe.
    Poor unfortunate Souls.

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    Re: Stay Dry, DuffyD!

    You guys are really sweet. I'd heard about the typhoon, but then forgot because "typhoon" in Tokyo usually means "rain." And maybe...a little bit of strong wind. This week's was shocking. It was "real," like a Taiwanese typhoon. Train lines down all over the city. Half of the students at the school canceled lessons. Some people couldn't get home. 50 people waiting at a bus stop... It felt like the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami a bit. Uncomfortable. But everyone I know in Tokyo was ok. I haven't watched the news, though. It might have been much worse in other places. Anyway, thanks for your kind thoughts.

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