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    Duffy Light Spinner

    I saw this on the website and looked all over WDW for it last week but didn't see it anywhere...

    Duffy the Disney Bear Light Chaser | More Accessories | Disney Store

    If you look close though, the bear doesn't look like Duffy at ALL! WTH?

    Weird though it's available online but I didn't see it anywhere at Epcot, Magic Kingdom or Downtown Disney. I even asked and no one had seen it.

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    Re: Duffy Light Spinner

    I remember those, they sold them here in DCA, but I'm sure if they do anymore. Probably not because the price on the site is only $6 and it was around $12 a few months ago. But yea, it looks pretty bad! Haha, I remember some of my friends saying it looks nothing like Duffy! So true.
    Poor unfortunate Souls.

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    Re: Duffy Light Spinner

    I was thinking the same thing. The face isn't right. It reminds me of when you go to mexico and see toys and balloons with characters that look like someone just drew it and plastered it on there..

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    Re: Duffy Light Spinner

    Also, the entire figure is flocked. They didn't attempt to just flock his fur. Even his clothes are "fuzzy".

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    Re: Duffy Light Spinner

    Wow. I think I am going to have nightmares now. I don't understand why they can't get Duffy at least somewhat on-model...that could be the worst "not-Duffy" yet!

    Good thing spinners like that are meant to be used in the dark, so you can't see the figure so much.

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    Re: Duffy Light Spinner

    And worse of all the markings on the bear face don't even make the Mickey siluette

    Quote Originally Posted by aimster View Post

    Weird though it's available online but I didn't see it anywhere at Epcot, Magic Kingdom or Downtown Disney. I even asked and no one had seen it.
    I saw it in person in my last trip, an employee wit a basket or a cart usually takes them to sell in the night (mostly in shows like fantasmic or the fireworks) along wit different character spinners and other nigh glow gimmick things like Michael Jackson or Mickey light gloves.

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