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    Re: US Duffy quality vs. Japan Duffy quality

    I'm just more partial to the BAB jacket as it looks almost identical to the bomber jacket I had in high school (and actually still have... it's over 20 years old and I can't bear to part with it) except mine has a leather collar instead of wool.

    I do like the patch on the back of the Disney one a lot. It's very cute. But construction-wise, BAB's jacket is far superior.

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    Re: US Duffy quality vs. Japan Duffy quality

    As an owner of the Japanese version; this is something that I wanted to know too. I spent some time comparing my Duffy, who decided to come home with me with the ones at DLR and WDW. There is one obvious difference - the TDS version has just one tag on the left leg (Duffy's tag) the US version has a tag on his right leg which seems to be the "required" warning tag. The other subtle difference is the shape of his nose, when viewed side profile - TDS Duffy has a nice upturn, the US version seems to be straight. At first I thought I was imagining this, but I went through about 40 or so at Disneyland and 20 at WDW. Cast member thought I was going to buy a whole bunch; as she mentioned a guest from Japan buys lots to take back.

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