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    Duffys LOVE Maynard!

    Both Duffy and Duffers give Maynard kisses!

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    Re: Duffys LOVE Maynard!

    That's so cute!!

    I was at Disneyland for the Halloween event and I carried my Duffy with me (he went well with my whole Mousketeer costume, even though he wasn't around back then) and we got our picture with the Halloween Duffy and he cradled my Duffy like a baby. It was so adorable
    ...After a YEAR I finally was able to figure out my password again! I'm baaack! Woohoo!(:
    Disney is my life <3
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    Re: Duffys LOVE Maynard!

    Maynard is nuts! In a good way, of course. He's such a fixture at Disneyland. For those of you who have no idea, he's a CM working at Disneyland, and has been for many years. He's been at many different attractions, but my favorite "version" of Maynard is when he's at the Haunted Mansion. He gets into character, and just has tons of fun doing his job and interacting with guests. He's one of those iconic CM's who goes way above and beyond.

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