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    Sad Re: A year later, this is kinda eerie…

    Quote Originally Posted by Diznygrl View Post
    ...Turning Duffy into The Wiggles or Handy Manny would certainly not be doing him any favors. Wouldn't be doing his current fans any favors, either. It's bad enough to be an adult carrying around/collecting teddy bear stuff in the US. Can you imagine if he was directly related to a show for preschoolers?
    "As every child's favorite teddy bear comes to life, Duffy affectionately greets Guests at Epcot's World Showcase and Disney California Adventure's Paradise Pier."

    Just noticed this in the product listing on the Disney Store website. It's like they want to ensure Duffy loses his universal appeal.

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    Re: A year later, this is kinda eerie…

    Ugh. I choose to ignore that. Makes me want to find who came up with that tripe and smack them upside the head for being so ignorant.

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