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    Hidden Duffys the New thing?

    I was looking through Twitter and found a picture. It's a Hidden Duffy in the window of Peter Pan's Flight at Disneyland! I thought this was actually pretty cool! I wonder if there are any more hidden Duffys around the parks! Does TDS do this too?

    Did you know that there's a Hidden #Duffy inside a window at Peter Pan's Flight? January 6, 2012 - DLR News and Info - MouseInfo Photo Gallery
    1/7/12 9:45 AM
    Poor unfortunate Souls.

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    Re: Hidden Duffys the New thing?

    HAAAA! Love it! That's kind of hilarious...the first CM to comment on my Tiny Duffy and Tiny Shellie May (November 2011) was at Peter Pan Flight at Disneyland. But she didn't even know he was a Disney bear; she just liked teddy bears. (In her defense I think she knew who Duffy was, but didn't recognize Tiny Duffy as being Duffy.) I doubt there's a connection there, but still.

    I also like it because it feels to me more like Disney is pushing Duffy to be around forever...I know there are some issues with their presentation of him here, but when it comes down to it I love Duffy and he makes me smile, so I love to see him anywhere here.

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    Re: Hidden Duffys the New thing?

    I've never seen anything like that at TDR, Ursulalvr, but I it! And I agree with Eeee-va that it's possibly a sign of Disney planning to keep Duffy around for the long haul, although if the quality doesn't ramp up, at least some optional line or something, I don't actually think that's a good thing. Cheapening OLC's character is not something I support in any way, but this Peter Pan placement is not that, so let's hope it's a sign of more changes to come in the US!^^

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    Re: Hidden Duffys the New thing?

    That's awesome!!!

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    Re: Hidden Duffys the New thing?

    That Duffy in the window of Peter Pan has been there for quite a while. I noticed it last March. He's got a nice view!

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    Re: Hidden Duffys the New thing?

    That is really cool. We are going to Disineyland in two weeks and I am going to look for Duffy.

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