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    Question about Duffy Costumes?

    Do they still have those old 10 anniversary witch and wizard costumes available for duffy and shellie may or do i have to get those new ones that are available? I'm looking to buy some clothes for shellie and duffy but don't want it to become expensive and, how long will these costumes be around the new ones if they don't have the old ones anymore?

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    Re: Question about Duffy Costumes?

    The official Duffy page on TDS' site only shows the 2nd series of "Be Magical!" costumes are available (the 1st series was sold out, then was available again, now apparently sold out again). The 10th anniversary runs until March 19th, so after that date, those costumes will be gone. Even if they're not sold out, all the 10th anniversary merchandise will be pulled from the shelves as the event will be over. That's just how TDR does stuff with special events.

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    Re: Question about Duffy Costumes?

    Merchandise at TDS can sell rather quickly. So one day it's in and the very next day it's gone, especially when linked to an Event. You'll never know if the 1st release of the wizard costume is back until the website is updated or someone reports back that it's in the stores again. So you (kinda) have to get stuff as soon as you see it available.

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