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Thread: Traveling Duffy

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    Re: Traveling Duffy

    Thank you DuffyD, for all your hard work and time you put into the translations and storyline so that we all could share in the magic of SV. I love all the things you have added to make the story flow.

    The story makes each area of TDS even more special and brings the guest into the over all story that is more then just SV. Its also showing off the areas of TDS.

    It just amazes me that TDS does something like this on their website. Its something you wouldnt see in the states. The states want a movie, but I like the story and reading it with the graphics.

    I agree this would make a great sticky so its easy to find for not only us but for the new Dufy fans to come. How do we get it to be a sticky?
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    Re: Traveling Duffy

    Thank you for taking the time to read it, Janell. I said before and I'll say again that Spring Voyage really felt like the unofficial finale of the TDS 10th Anniversary for me, or maybe even an alternative version. It was about more than just Duffy; as you said, SV truly showcased the entire park. And, as it turns out, the SV merchandise is filled with callbacks to TDS's wonderful 5th Anniversary. That looked like an amazing party! Sadly, it was just before I discovered the Resort. I'll look around later for some photos of 5th Anniversary Duffy merchandise. You can really see that SV was a direct, organic extension.

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