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    Re: Duffy at DL 1955 opening day?

    Three things were going through my head after the incident.

    1) I was a bit angry about what just happened.

    2) I was concerned that the CM would spread her misinformation to other Guests who would believe it.

    3) I was also a little concerned for this CMs well being. It did cross my mind that there might be something else going on.

    As a result of all of these things, I did take some appropriate actions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gurgi View Post
    LOL, see? I'm glad I wasn't the only one who felt inspired! We should totally start this meme going now. Roger, we'll soon have everyone believing what the lady told you, BWA-HA-HA!!
    It would be a blast to see Duffy in all sorts of historical scenes...

    Astronaut Duffy in the International Space Station
    Freedom Duffy at the fall of the Berlin Wall
    Conspiracy Duffy in Dealy Plaza on the grassy knowls
    Sailor Duffy kissing in Times Square
    Aviator Duffy at Kitty Hawk
    Baseball Duffy calling his own shot at Yankee Stadium

    And the list could go on and on (of course all being in good taste)!

    Don't you think those photos would make a great Duffy Gallery?!!?

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    Re: Duffy at DL 1955 opening day?

    I was at Disneyland a few months after it opened. I was very little but was completely teddy bear-crazed at that point in time and I remember going to Disneyland. While I cannot speak about opening day, I can say for sure Duffy was not at Disneyland at that point in time because I would have begged, wheedled, and pleaded with my grandfather to buy me a Duffy and he would have (I was a little bit Veruca Salt-ish & got what I wanted, being the only grandchild on both sides of my family). I would still have said Duffy if he had existed (a bit packrat-ish too). Duffy didn't exist in 1955. I do love the idea of Duffy time-traveling and inserting himself into period photos though — it's rather Dr. Who-ish, which is pretty cool to me. :-)

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    Re: Duffy at DL 1955 opening day?

    Anaheim, CA (AP). Walt Disney, founder of Disneyland, takes a spin around his eponymous park in the new Viewliner attraction. His ursine companion is Duffy, a recent addition to the Disney characters.

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    Re: Duffy at DL 1955 opening day?

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