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    Pink Pricess Disney Bear

    New to the forum. Looking to find out more information regarding the Pink Princess Disney Bear. Did Disney ever make it? Seems there are quite a few replicas out there. We're looking to obtain one, we have a Shellie May from DisneySea and a few Spring Voyage Shellie Mays and making a trip to DisneySea on Thursday. Thanks!

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    Re: Pink Pricess Disney Bear

    Disney probably made this sometime during the original Disney Bear run from 2002-2004... ish. And I'm betting this one goes for a ton of money on ebay (we're talking hundreds of dollars).

    Sorry I can't be of more help.

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    Re: Pink Pricess Disney Bear

    Yes, the pink princess Disney Bear is a real thing. They released them at the tail end of the original Disney Bear run, before the redesign. There was also a yellow version. As you can see from that picture, they had a "waffle pattern" fur. I'm not sure about fake ones out there though...I suppose it's possible, there are already fake Duffy and ShellieMay bears for sale. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to find out the rare colored Disney Bears are being reproduced to make a profit.

    Good luck finding an authentic and affordable pink princess bear!

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