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Thread: Your thoughts?

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    Question Your thoughts?

    I was just wondering what your thoughts were about having Duffy available on Does it hurt or help Duffy? Would you rather have him available exclusively at the parks like in Japan or "available to all"?

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    Re: Your thoughts?

    Well, he's in the Parks merchandise section of the site, so it's no different than the Mickey ears and various shirts you can order that you can also find in the parks. Plus not everyone can make it to WDW/Disneyland and this is their only way to be able to get a Duffy bear.

    So from that perspective, it doesn't really bother me.

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    Re: Your thoughts?

    I think Duffy should be sold only in the Parks, because that's what it makes so special. And I don't like the Disney Parks Tags. When I visit a park I want something special and unique from the park.

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    Re: Your thoughts?

    I thought Duffy was more special when he was only in DCA/Epcot...but that didn't last long at all. From a sales standpoint, the exclusivity would only work if people were strongly interested, but Duffy was not the instant US success that Disney had hoped for.

    In this day and age, you can buy almost anything from the parks on eBay anyway, so I'm not sure it makes it any less special to have him available on the Disney Store site. Especially now that he's available in all the US parks--and even the cruise ships and Hawaii, right? Since I don't live in a state with a Disney park, I appreciate him being on the site at any rate, even if it's just to get my Magnet Duffy fix.

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    Re: Your thoughts?

    What I like about it Duffy being sold by Disney on line is I hope it takes out the high prices you find on eBay. Some of the prices on ebay are crazy. Im sick of going to the parks and trying to get an item (duffy or other items) and all the ebay buys have been there first and there isnt anything left for the guest. Then if you want the item you have to go to ebay. So dont like this. If it werent for the ebay sellers I would want Duffy only sold at the parks.
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