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    Re: "The Happiness Bear"

    Quote Originally Posted by skittlesfirehawk View Post
    Does anyone know if they still have lap blankets?I didn't see those on the official site.
    Sorry, SFH. Those are way gone. Even if they hadn't sold out, which I imagine they did, OLC would not keep something like that on shelves during warm weather. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll do something similar again this autumn/winter?

    If it's something you really, really want I would be willing to check out auctions for you, but I'll expect it to be pricey, as they weren't really "cheap" to begin with...

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    Re: "The Happiness Bear"

    DuffyD, You decide the D-Day and I'll have my WishList to you and send payment. Thanks for this shopping opportunity.

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    Re: "The Happiness Bear"

    Those shirts are so cute! I'm excited to hear about all the new merch and I've started thinking about your contest, DuffyD! I love the idea of guessing the costume. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so I love little activities to gear up for it months in advance!

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