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    Duffy gift for 4 year old

    In addition to my wild obsession with Duffy, my four year old nephew is also very fond of him. Lots of the authentic Duffy merchandise Iíve seen here seems to be targeted at adults (which Iím totally happy about!) are there any particular pieces that work well for young children?

    Also, do they ever make shirts or clothing for adults or children that feature Duffy/Shellie May?

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    Re: Duffy gift for 4 year old

    If you notice, the US has a lot of safety regulations for toys. This translates to differences between the TDS and US version in the details. For example, The Cannery Clothing Co line, uses buttons and snaps, which might not be acceptable in the US (due to choking concerns). The recent US Pajama set, opted for embroidered buttons vs real ones.

    You'll find that Build-A-Bear provides for many dressing options for Duffy in the casual clothes category. Which also work for young children.

    Adult/Child clothing that feature Duffy, and I do not recall seeing much in Tokyo.

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    Re: Duffy gift for 4 year old

    TDS Duffy hit the nail on the head. If you were to choose a US-made costume, I'd suggest the Sorcerer or Buzz Lightyear costumes as they're only 1 or 2 total pieces that are larger.

    I believe in TDS they had a shirt with Duffy and Mickey on it. I'll try to find it.

    I found the link! I don't believe it's still in circulation, but we might see something come out during the Spring Voyage/Happiness Year trip.

    On a side note, the blog post said it ran a little short so keep that in mind for the future! :3
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    Re: Duffy gift for 4 year old

    The Sorcerer costume is absolutely adorable. The hat actually lights up when you push a button. I have it for my Duffy and it's one of my favorite outfits. ^_^

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