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    Duffy at EuroDisney and/or Hong Kong

    We've talked a lot about how Duffy is treated poorly in the USA vs. Tokyo. I'm interested to hear how he is positioned in EuroDiney and Hong Kong. Have any of you Duffateers been to these parks? What were your experiences there?

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    Re: Duffy at EuroDisney and/or Hong Kong

    At Disneyland Paris, I've seen they've given the walkaround character special costumes for events that are different from the US parks. For example, this past Valentine's Day, they gave him a cute red & white baseball outfit and apparently it said "Duffy Brings Love", like in Japan. I've also seen photos/video of him in Paris in a pirate costume (that was for a special show), a sorcerer costume (for DLP's 20th) as well as a small plush of him in a dark purple sorcerer outfit. I think Paris kind of gets it more, which strikes me as odd but cool at the same time.

    In Hong Kong, sometimes you can find some TDS regular series costumes for sale in the park. They also sell the small plush strap they also sell at TDS (I have a friend who went last year and picked one up for me for my collection).

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