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    Post Traveling Duffy II, the Voyage Continues


    This story is gonna be so much fun! That ain't no jive, baby! Spring Voyage is BACK!!!

    And as is typical of the Oriental Land Company, it's bigger and better than last year! Two locations in one part instead of one, more dialogue and starting with self-reference. More details in the props and sets, too! Sometimes more is better.^^

    We recently have many new Duffy fans who may not remember Duffy's first park-wide event back in 2012. MiceChat's Duffeteer boards are the closest thing to Cape Cod on the web for English speakers, so you can click HERE for the archive of last year's travels! I keep forgetting to ask our mod to make it into a "sticky" thread...

    Now that an all-new photo story is underway, I'd like to keep it all together so that it's easier to read. Please don't comment here, between the photos. Use the Traveling Duffy II Comment Thread.

    Please do NOT post comments in this thread.^^

    *Images and original Japanese text are from the Oriental Land Company and Disney. I have translated the text to share with a wider audience and included photos for the purpose of honoring this very special event. Any reposting of English text should specifically credit
    DuffyDaisuki AND link back here. Photos, too, should be posted WITH a link back to MiceChat.

    *In both cases, DuffyDaisuki and the MiceChat Duffeteer community should be
    explicitly credited as a source, AND a link should be provided. Please and thank you.^^

    Come along, pack your bags, get on up and jamboree!
    ...As we SAAAIL ON another fantastic Spring Voyage!

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    Re: Traveling Duffy II, the Voyage Continues

    Sail on a fantastic...

    ~Around the World in (about?) 80 Days~

    Prologue I.

    "I wish we could go on another Spring Voyage with everybody!"

    "Say, pal, you just gave me a swell idea!"

    "Happyluck! Really?"

    ~A little later~

    "Think we can bring invitations to Minnie and ShellieMay?"

    "Sure we can!"

    Prologue II.

    "Hey, Minnie, how about another Spring Voyage around the world?"

    "Oh, Mickey, that sounds wonderful! We'll have so much fun!"

    ~a little later, everyone is making preparations~

    "I wish spring would hurry up and come…!"


    "Oops...! Aw, cranberries!"

    This actually translates to something like "Oh my gosh!"
    I wanted an expression just for Duffy, so I tweaked it.
    Thanks for the input, Gurgi.^^

    Prologue III.

    "Duffy spilled paint all over his favorite sweater!"

    「しかたがないわね ダッフィー」*
    "Oh, Duffy..."

    "Sweet joy, Minnie! Thank you! Wheee...!"

    ~spinning round~

    "Now for Duffy's... Think you can give me a hand, ShellieMay?"

    "Sure I can!"

    *I think this actually translates more like, "Oh, that Duffy..." or "That's Duffy..." or
    "That sounds like Duffy, all right." But I obviously strongly dislike this characterization.^^

    **I also don't really love that Shellie's gets made first when they just mentioned Duffy's accident,
    and I wish we saw Shellie respond to Minnie's request for help, so I added "Sure I can!"

    Prologue IV.




    Prologue V - fin.


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