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    Question duffy or shelly may

    hi everyone i cant wait to get a disney bear.i cant decide to get shellie may or duffy.the instant i saw shellie may i decided i needed to have her but then i went on ebay and had to reconsider.My only other concern about shellie would be getting clothes for her since they would have to be bought on ebay as well. i would prefer to buy disney clothes rather than build a bear because from what i heard disney clothes are better quality.duffy does look adorable though and if i pick him i would be getting him on my cruise in 7 days and his clothes would be easier to buy.which did you choose and why and do you have any suggestions on helping me choose?

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    Re: duffy or shelly may

    If I were in your shoes, I would get Duffy for now, so you can have a special trip with him on your cruise (which is a very appropriate place to get Duffy!). Then you can get a Shellie May later if/when budget allows. I would wait on her until we're closer to Christmas. Some people here have been speculating that MAYBE they will make a Smiling Shellie May for the Christmas season this year. I would not bet on it, but if by chance they do, you may wish you had gotten her instead.

    Most people here, at least, tend to eventually want both bears (or if not, two bears overall--a poster made her own "Duffette" by putting eyelashes on a 12" Duffy and she's adorable!). So I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up getting both why not get a Duffy while you can?

    That said, the US Disney clothes are not better quality than Build a Bear overall. In most cases, Build-a-Bear is HIGHER quality. From what I've heard, the newer US outfits do seem to be higher quality than most of the older outfits, but I don't see that they're worth the price premium unless you just love the outfit. US outfits also tend very heavily toward the "costume-y" which I kind of like, while Build-a-Bear lets you get everyday clothes, too.

    The Tokyo DisneySea clothes are the highest quality of all, but as you've probably noticed, they are not cheap.

    Another alternative, if you have a Disney Store (not outlet) nearby, is to buy either Duffy or a 8" Duffy--the 8" Duffy can't wear any Disney clothes (missed opportunity, Disney) but CAN wear the shirts and pants, at least, from the SmallFrys. (I haven't tried the hats.) So you could get a very portable Duffy for a low price, and can save up for Shellie May later.

    If you do get a Duffy, I'd love to see photos of him on your cruise.

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    Re: duffy or shelly may

    Welcome aboard, skittlesfirehawk. I like your name. If you're thinking of eBay, I'd suggest also considering the Duffy Post. Though the Announced Shopping Days are over, two other MiceChatters may be thinking about a Special Request Trip for SV13/HY30 items. If there are five of you, it will be cheaper, perhaps significantly cheaper than eBay, depending on your List. Plus, with the Post you have access to customizable park goods and many items not listed on eBay. I don't mean to plug, just letting you know.^^

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    Re: duffy or shelly may

    I love both bears but ShellieMay appeals to my girly side so that would be my vote. I just love her adorable face. That would be so exciting to get a smiling Shellie for Christmas. I've been holding off getting her with the hopes that would happen soon. Of course I know it's a huge maybe!
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    Re: duffy or shelly may

    I love (and have) both bears. Since Duffy is more easily attainable in the US now that he's available at Disney Stores, you might want to go with him.

    And like Eee-va said, the clothes from Build A Bear fit the 17" bears just fine. The majority of my bear's clothes are from Build A bear. I don't like how the US Disney park outfits are costume-based. My bears prefer to wear everyday clothes unless it's a special occasion. Plus, some of the BAB versions of Disney costumes are better than the ones Disney puts out themselves (and cheaper)!

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    Re: duffy or shelly may

    And, although I hate to be the one to mention the sad subject, there was one Duffeteer who was given a Shellie May as a gift that someone purchased on eBay...she was a fake! If I remember correctly, the person received two at one time as presents from different people. The forum was consulted and it was clear that one was not like the other. Sad but true. Although I have purchased some Disney outfits from eBay (before I knew about this forum), I would strongly recommend getting Duffy now and save Shellie May as a wish list item for a shopping event hosted by DuffyDaisuki. As cute as SM is, you'd want to know that 1. you are getting the real thing and 2. she was custom chosen just for you. All items obtained via wish list are carefully, and sometimes painstakingly, chosen.

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    Re: duffy or shelly may

    That's a good point about ShellieMay. You want to make sure you're getting an authentic one, since unfortunately people are selling fakes, and sometimes it's very hard to tell.

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