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    Re: Shellie May debuted at Disneyland Paris!!

    This was posted on Twitter to help clear up the confusion on who Disneymoi is.

    "It has been noticed that over the past 2 years there has been some confusion as to who I am!!!
    People online are getting their facts wrong by associating me to Prince Alwaleed who owns 10% of shares at #DisneylandParis!!!
    I would like to make it clear that I am not him nor am I affiliated with him!!!
    We are two separate people and have absolutely no communication or share anything in common!
    I represent myself & everything I do is on my own behalf & interest and also has nothing to do with him or anyone else!!!!!
    I am simply a #Disney fan who loves the characters and have frequently visited the various @DisneyParks over the past 21 years!!!!
    I hope this has made it clear and answered any questions or mix ups!!! :-"


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    Re: Shellie May debuted at Disneyland Paris!!

    Quote Originally Posted by duffyholic View Post
    I don't mean to sound tense, I'm just getting fed up of reading lies and mis-truths about ShellieMay's apperance at DLP. I just want the real facts out there. If people don't want to believe the truth that is up to them.
    I don't think anyone on this forum is telling lies and mis-truths about what happened with Shellie May at DLP. Unfortunately, it's one of of those things where we just don't have the information about it and no one was giving us any information. People where just going off what they were seeing online and speculating off of that.

    I don't feel that anyone on the Duffy forum wants to intentionally spread lies, rumors or give out false information. We are all here to try to help each other learn and enjoy all about Duffy all over the world.

    And as far as Shellie May coming to the US parks, if Monty Moldovan really is "top dog" with what is going on with Duffy, it doesn't seem like she will be debuting in the US for another year or two. I still don't know where the cast members are getting this information from.
    Luv Duffy & Shellie May

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    Re: Shellie May debuted at Disneyland Paris!!

    Thanks, duffyholic and peterpanfan1953.
    I'm glad you two are keeping the thread truthful.

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