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    Happy encounter at a service station!

    Just had to post about our experience at a service station last week now we have got back.

    We were off on a family holiday, which naturally included Duffy and Shellie May, and they were travelling in style this time in their new Spring Voyage tote (which is amazing!).

    On the journey, we stopped at a service station for a break, and I popped them in the tote (too hot to leave them in the car - my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!) and we all walked up to the entrance. Outside the entrance, there were 4 coaches of young Japanese students (teens, all in school uniform), presumably on a trip, and the boys nearest the bottom of the slope bowed and said hello, so we all said hello back, and then the girls behind spotted my tote!

    Well, they started talking, and I only understood 'Duffy', but that's enough right?! So I said yes, and opened the bag up and there were comments about Duffy, then I took Shellie out - well, Dad who was way in front of me by this time, said he heard the squeals from the entrance! They were very pleased to see both of them (and a bit surprised as well I think), and we had a lovely conversation without words, just smiles and grins and pointing and nodding!

    Everyone seemed to go away happy!

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    Re: Happy encounter at a service station!

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    Re: Happy encounter at a service station!

    I love stuff like that. Even when I'm at WDW when I see random Japanese guests they get SO excited when they see the bears. It's hilarious and cute at the same time.

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