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    Random "Duffy" sighting(s?)

    So I ran a search for "Cape Cod Duffy" (I'm thinking of decorating and am looking for some Duffy-looking ideas).

    The first hit was for Duffy Health Center. "At Duffy Health Center, our mission is to prevent and reduce homelessness on Cape Cod through community collaborations and the provision of integrated services to persons who are homeless or at risk of homelessness."

    Wow! That could possibly be the most random thing I've seen in a while!


    Anyone else see a random Duffy you weren't expecting?

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    Re: Random "Duffy" sighting(s?)

    Wow,'s also Cape Cod! I guess the name really does fit the place!

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    Re: Random "Duffy" sighting(s?)

    I'm in the UK, and lots of sites keep advertising things which are linked to what I've been looking at - imagine my surprise when it advertised 'Duffys chocolate'! It's a real company in the UK - if it wasn't so expensive I would be tempted, just for the photo op!

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