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Sugar Ray are totally fun and, I mean, they're Sugar RAY...OF COURSE you're a fan!
LOL! I liked them before I was even a Rays fan, dude.

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Another Sugar Ray fan here. Have fun at the concert!
Well, last time I saw them was in 2008 or 2009. So imagine my surprise when the band comes onstage and... Hey wait that's not the drummer! That's not the bass player! Where's the DJ? Turns out Murphy (bass), Stan (drums) & Craig (aka DJ Homicide) all left the band a few years ago. WHOOPS! Only original members left are Mark McGrath & Rodney (guitar). I was MAD! I felt a little cheated even. I ended up queuing up for the 2nd show though as I noticed during the 1st show Mark went out into the crowd several times & posed for photos with fans. I got an aisle seat in the middle and sure enough, Mark did the crowd thing again and... I got my pic with him! FINALLY! I'd been trying for 12 years to get a photo with that guy and he was always the elusive one (got photos with all the other guys TWICE - once in 2001 & again in 2003). Can finally scratch that off my list.