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    Re: Sweet Duffy 2014

    Me, too, Boog. I mostly find it odd. And they're really gonna have to pull out the stops to keep the momentum and make it exciting now. I can't believe they revealed the actual costumes so's unprecedented.

    Christmas was up 10/12 last year. This year, that's the first day of D23 and also a three-day Fantimiliar member bonus point weekend at Disney Stores. Plus, it's a three-day weekend due to a national holiday on Monday. I'm thinking maybe we'll know all about Christmas this weekend. I hope so, anyway.

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    Re: Sweet Duffy 2014

    I hope we know about christmas this weekend. Or at least soon.

    I think we know about Sweet Duffy so early is because it falls with in the end of the 30th celebration. I think there is going to be a lot of guest coming into the park for the last part of the 30th celebration, if you look at the cost of hotel rooms and vacancy close to the parks during March it leads me to think that a lot of people are planning to go. Now Im not sure why that would prompt this early info on Sweet Duffy its just something I think is a factor in it all.
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    Re: Sweet Duffy 2014

    I am on pins and needles about Christmas. I can't believe we could just be days away from seeing it all.

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