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    Guests sharing the love at WDW

    I have been thinking about how to word this-but I wanted to share.

    I am thrilled to report that since the beginning of the year-more guests are bringing Shellie May bears to the parks with them!!!!

    It started one day in Magic Kingdom, my daughter and I were waiting to ride Dumbo with a various assortment of bears. In line a few rows ahead of us were two little girls with Shellie May bears dressed as princesses!

    Then the other day at Epcot as we were walking in, we saw a lady walking out with a Shellie May bear. We roamed around a bit and went to see Duffy. Duffy was thrilled to see our Shellie May bears . As they were closing the line for Duffy another girl/teen walked up with a Shellie May. The cool thing is the greeter saw Shellie May and let the girl in for a quick pic with Duffy.

    Shellie May, taking over WDW one bear at a time LOL

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    Re: Guests sharing the love at WDW

    I don't always bring Shellie May with me to the parks as carrying around 2 bears can be a pain in the butt, but when I do I usually get stopped at least a couple times. Once I got stopped by a CM in Canada at Epcot and she was all, "OMG is that Shellie May?" It's amusing when CM's ask if they can hold her. But it annoys me when someone says, "Where did you get the girl Duffy?" I do my best not to roll my eyes because I know not everyone knows about Shellie May.

    One time at Epcot I got a photo taken by a Photopass photographer & after he took the photo, the photographer said to me when I picked Duffy back up (I wanted some shots of just me), "He has a girlfriend in Japan." I smiled and said, "I know. I have her at home." The photographer was totally thrown that I not only knew about Shellie May but I had her.

    I've never seen any non-Japanese guests besides myself (and you, mmommie, and a friend of Sandrita's) carrying Shellie May around though. That's cool you have!

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    Re: Guests sharing the love at WDW

    Quote Originally Posted by mmommie View Post
    I have been thinking about how to word this…

    Shellie May, taking over WDW one bear at a time LOL
    Nailed it!^^ That is so awesome that Shellie got the VIP treatment — but of course!

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    Re: Guests sharing the love at WDW

    That is absolutely amazing! I love that not only Duffy but Shellie May are becoming alittle more popular in the parks!

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