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It's A Quest...

Planning: The Dream Lives On…

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by , 05-07-2014 at 09:30 AM
I’m back! Without boring you with the gory details, let us just say that reality reared its ugly head and made life very challenging since October. Things are back to what would pass as normal in my life, so I have returned to continue my story of the Quest for DisneyBliss 2016©!

With half of the accumulated vacation fund gone to foolish things like groceries and mortgage payments, we redoubled our efforts to save. No snack foods, eating out, or morning Starbucks for this family! A regular deposit is going in to a special savings account each paycheck and all loose change is dropped in the Disneyland jar in the dining room. Perhaps I took my saving a bit too far. I had a reality check the other day when I asked The Boy if he wanted to get ice cream since it was the first warm day of the year. He put his fists on his hips and said, “Ice cream? You want to buy ice cream? Don’t you want to go to Disneyland?” Needless to say, I've loosened up on the austerity measures.

The Boy is completely enraptured of all things Disney. At least once a week we must visit internet sites that feature Disneyland Park and DCA pictures (including here, of course), and now we have discovered the 360 degree views on Google Maps. With time The Boy has become less and less enamored of Cars Land and more excited about seeing the Fab 5 and other classic Disney characters. Who knows where his interests will lie in a little over two years? I hope they will still be found within the borders of the happiest place on earth.

T-762 days and counting…

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