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What is MiceChat Gold?

MiceChat Gold is a $15 a year membership that allows you exclusive MiceChat features, and helps keep our site alive.

What kind of features do I get with MiceChat Gold?

Currently, the MiceChat Gold feature set is:
  • Blog – A personal blog and journal that all other MiceChat users can comment on. A great alternative for creating a new thread, but wanting to get something off of your mind.
  • MiceClubs – Create, and join any club you wish! With MiceClubs, each group gets their own private forum, and Member Group (viewable in your profile) to do with what you wish! (Inside the board rules, of course.)
  • Forum Attachments – Got a picture, but nowhere to put it? With 5MB of attachments, you can store your photos, and other files, right on the forum posts and our Gallery. A great alternative to other picture-posting services.
  • Doubled File Size for Avatars & Profile Pictures - Want to share that great animated GIF file as an avatar, but don't have enough room? With MiceChat Gold, you'll get double the file size. 500 Private Messages, and up to 10 people per message. Send out mass PMs, with double the storage limit on PMs, and double the senders.
  • New MCGold Forums – Such as the adults only (18 and older) Espresso Lounge, and Debate Forum.
  • Other smaller features including SMS messaging alerts, lowered search times, and more!

How old do I have to be to get a MiceChat Gold membership?

Due to the nature of our new forums and chat rooms, we require all Gold members to be at least 18 years of age or older. MiceChat Gold will be largely un-moderated and therefore can not permit members under 18.

What if I don’t want to subscribe; will I lose anything?

Absolutely not! Every feature that you enjoy now will be available to you for FREE. In fact, MiceChat is planning on rolling out additional new features for the standard version of MiceChat, including:
  • Monthly moderated chats
  • Commenting on other users’ MiceSpaces
  • A MiceChat Toolbar – Get the latest news, and quick MC searches, and more features!
  • View access to our MiceShots photo gallery.
  • Support for Skype, Voice over IP, calling
  • And More…

How do I pay for MiceChat Gold?

In your User Control Panel, there is an option for “Paid Subscriptions”. Here, you can pay for your MiceChat Gold membership. We process our membership fees through PayPal, the industry leader in online financial transactions. Your credit card and personal information is not used by MiceChat, but by PayPal to make the transfer.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

At this time, there is no other way to pay for MiceChat Gold services. Check in the future for more details.

After I pay, how long until I get the new features?

If you pay with a credit card/PayPal, you should get your membership almost instantly.

Ok, so I’ve signed up, where are my features?

On the forums, MiceChat Gold forums are indicated by a gold MC icon. All other features can be found in the Sidebar/Navigation Bar under “MiceChat Navigation”.
You’ll find your special MiceChat toolbar in the main MiceChat menu, on the navigation bar (under the logo). Click "MiceChat Gold Toolbar".

You'll also find your special styles available fron your User CP, under "Edit Options", or from the quick chooser drop-down at the bottom of any MiceChat page.
Your MiceChat status will also change from a Green to Gold shield.

What if I don't like MiceChat gold?

If you aren't happy with MCG, we will be happy to refund any unused portion of your annual membership. We are not a business (we are a hobby site) and do not plan on making money off of MiceChat Gold. Rather, we hope only to support the Basic and Gold feature sets through the offering of this new subscription service.

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