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By Registering for the site, you automatically agree to our terms, conditions, Rules, and Regulations


When you read or register for MiceChat, you agree to abide by all of our rules and the rule of law.

You also give us the right to contact you from time to time via Private Message (PM) or Email (usually no more than once a week). You agree to keep your email address on file up to date. If we attempt to contact you and your email bounces back to us undelivered, we may suspend your account pending your email update.

If you post pictures or comments to the site, we have the right to use them in our updates and columns on MiceChat and our partner sites (we try to give credit where credit is due). You fully understand that what is written by the members, moderators, and other staff are personal opinions and do not in any way reflect the position of MiceChat.

You agree to hold MiceChat harmless for anything written, posted, shared on MiceChat.com.

Posting or reading MiceChat is a privilege and not a right. We may remove your membership at any time, for any reason, with or without cause. MiceChat is an open and largely unmoderated site. Therefore, it is possible for objectionable materials to be posted by individual members. MiceChat is not responsible for the content posted by its members. Any claim or concern (legal, copyright, or other) must be taken up with the individual who posted it.

The statements, content (written or image) posted by the users of MiceChat.com do not represent the position, agreement, or endorsement of MiceChat.

If you have a copyright, trademark, or other concern or claim about an item posted to this site, please contact the member who posted it directly and ask them to remove it. If they do not respond to you, use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page you found the objectionable material and we will remove it. We make no claim to being able to prevent such material from being posted, but will make every attempt to remove it when it is brought to our attention.

Please use discretion, common sense, and caution when reading or posting to the Internet.

This message does not constitute a full listing of our rules, regulations, terms, and conditions. Please abide by the intent of our rules and by the instructions of the Moderators and Staff of this site at all times.

What can I post/discuss on MiceChat?

MiceChat is an entertainment centered board. While most subjects may be discussed in our various community lounges, we discourage the discussion or posting of images with a political and/or religious theme. Threads/posts/images which are focused on these topics or become in other ways heated will be moved to the "Litter Box" or MiceChat Gold's "Debate Lounge" (and are also subject to being closed).

Members are reminded that they may post their own personal opinions but may NOT at any time attack another member of the site. MiceChat is a friendly and welcoming site. Users who create hostility or in other ways attack the members of this community are not welcome.

Please be aware that Political and Religious discussions in the Gold Debate Lounge can get ugly, as most people have strong opinions on these subjects. If you must discuss them, please attempt to be respectful of others. All members are reminded that MiceChat rules still pertain to the Debate Lounge and we encourage people to use their reputation voting when members break the rules. However, Moderators will not intervene on your behalf, nor will we reverse any Negative Reputation (rep) points or Retaliatory rep you may receive on the topics of Politics and Religion.

Hate speech (or any form of racism, sexism, or homophobia) is not permitted anywhere on MiceChat, and will result in removal from discussion, up to and including a permanent ban from the site. Members are encouraged to report infringing posts to the moderation team and use their negative voting and report post features whenever they see such behaviors on the site.

Adult discussions must be contained to the "Gold" sections of MiceChat. And even then, discussion of explicit acts is strictly prohibited - including content in clubs and Gold forums. In addition, discussion of anything considered "Disgusting" or "Offensive" by the major search engines are also prohibited from MiceChat as they hurt the community from both a member and business perspective and can result in MiceChat being blocked or downgraded by search engines and advertisers.

If a thread becomes disruptive, sexually graphic, contains objectionable themes, or goes too far off topic, it may be closed, moved, edited, or removed by the Moderators. Members who become abusive as a result of Moderators protecting the members and business interests of the site will be warned, suspended, or banned. Please do everything in your power to keep MiceChat a safe fun place for everyone and refrain from posting content which hurts the community.

What language am I permitted to use on MiceChat?

There are many words to express your opinion when you post on MiceChat. However a few naughty or objectionable words are not permitted. If you type a word and it appears as a row of ****** it's probably cause you typed a naughty one. If that happens you may want to think about rephrasing what you said.

Naughty words are not permitted in any form. Please not voluntarily self censor parts of a word to slip past our naughty word filter. Let the filter do it's work.

What about promoting my site on MiceChat?

While we appreciate the idea of getting the latest news from the community, we ask that you refrain from posts that only promote another website. However, feel free to put a link in your signature, or use the homepage option in your profile. Discussions about specific articles/news from another website may be moved to the Community Outpost forum.

What kind of materials can I post?

There will be times when you want to share something you found on the Internet with your fellow MiceChatters. Sharing is indeed caring. But, please be careful - there may be hurdles for you to jump. When you post information, an image, video or audio file from another source, make sure you are not posting content that is copyrighted. Such materials being shared and distributed without the consent of the person who owns the copyrights to the item in question is not allowed. This includes pictures from other websites. If you wish to discuss a picture, post a link to the site's page that the picture is on, and not the picture itself. Always make sure that you credit the original source of information which is not your own. Finally, check the terms of the site you found the information on - they will usually explain what can and can't be shared and how it should be cited.

MiceChat reserves the right to delete content (or credit it for you), that we feel violates general copyright principles. Members are reminded to use the "Report Post" button to alert us to possible copy right infringement.

What is a 'Personal Attack', and what about 'Attacking' other members?

What is an attack exactly? We have all heard the term before. On a message board, an attack is when another member posts a message that clearly & directly is to threaten, defame, insult or make a mockery of another for whatever reason that poster felt compelled to do so (eg: "Looks like someone has no idea what a fact is.", "You are full of crap you liar!", "You are a complete idiot", etc). These boards are for discussions. There will always be differing opinions. You can disagree & but be civil and do not spread hate around or escalate issues as they arise.

Attack the message rather than the messenger. Posts, including comments, may be discussed, as long as it is NOT attacking and individual member directly.

Allowable: "I disagree with that statement."

Not allowable: "You're an idiot for saying that."

What is 'Grave Dancing', and is it permitted?

Sometimes certian members will be removed from the community for questionable behavior. Whether they are removed temporarily by suspension or permanently by banning, you are not allowed to make fun of the individual. This is what's known as ' grave dancing '. It's an extension of a personal attack and will not be permitted.

What's the policy regarding 'Trolling'?

Trolling is the term used to describe an individual who posts messages to delibrately upset others. Similarity, 'sympathy trolling' is posting for the sole purprose of receiving sympathy or kind responses (often by faking an illness or a type of disability/disadvantage). Whichever form it may take, trolling is not welcome at MiceChat and should be reported and negative repped. Sometimes members do not intend to troll but undirectly rub another the wrong way or 'push your buttons'. If you feel someone is getting under your skin use the "Ignore" feature in your user control panel. By using this feature you can ignore certain individuals who upset you & continue enjoying MiceChat peacefully & calmly.

What is the rule regarding 'Private' communication

Communication sent to you by our Moderators and Admins must be kept private and may not be shared with others or posted to the board, unless you have been given permission otherwise. Sharing, posting or paraphrasing the contents of communications received via email or private message from a Moderator or Administrator either on MiceChat or on another site (ie. on Facebook or twitter) is grounds for removal from the site up to and including a sitewide ban.

In addition, we ask that you be respectful of other members and consider all messages sent to you via our "Private Message" (also called PM) system "Private." If you suspect that information sent to you via PM is of a private nature, please don't share it with others.

Is posting of 'Adult' Content allowed?

There's more to life than just Disney. That's why there are so many additional forums on MiceChat.
Sometimes people discuss subjects that are family friendly. Sometimes people discuss topics that are more adult oriented. On MiceChat, these types of topics may only be discussed in our MiceChat Gold forums.

If you decide to do to take part in these conversations:
1) Use appropriate language
2) Do not post images or content or a sexual nature or which contain nudity or sexual acts.
3) Do not post pictures or content which might be considered "Disgusting" or "Offensive" by the major search engines are also prohibited from MiceChat as they hurt the community from both a member and business perspective and can result in MiceChat being blocked or downgraded by search engines and advertisers.

If a thread becomes disruptive, sexually graphic, contains objectionable themes, or goes too far off topic, it may be closed, moved, edited, or removed by the Moderators. Members who become abusive as a result of Moderators protecting the members and business interests of the site will be warned, suspended, or banned. Please do everything in your power to keep MiceChat a safe fun place for everyone and refrain from posting content which hurts the community.

Am I allowed to have multiple accounts (a 'Sock Puppet')?

As a member of MiceChat you are allowed one account and associated screen name and only one. Having a second account is known on the internet as having a 'sock puppet'. It's not permitted on MiceChat. Creating one can result in being permanently removed from the boards. If you simply want to change your name just PM an administrator with your request, or use the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of each page. If you are having issues gaining access to your account, the 'Contact Us' tool can also put you in contact with someone who can recover your information.
If you are contacted about having a Sock Puppet, please reply so that the moderator can close the account you no longer want. If you fail to respond to the message within a month's time, both accounts may be closed. If this happens to you, please use the contact us form to have a moderator reactivate your account as you may be unable to use MiceChat's Private Message system.

I have a problem, who should I contact?

If you have a problem on MiceChat feel free to private message, or e-mail an administrator. You can also use the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom. Although their names appear next to their forums and posts, MiceAge Columnists are not moderators and are not able to respond to site-specific issues or questions. Not that they mind, but they would much rather respond to your questions regarding their stories than issues regarding the site.

Must my post meet any standards?

In some cases, Moderators or Administrators may merge threads, edit titles for clarification, or relocate threads to more appropriate areas. This is done to ensure that the community is able to find relevant discussions easily and quickly. An edited note will generally be left on the altered threads or posts to clarify the changes made and the reasoning behind them. Post titles may also be edited to better reflect the content of the thread, or to eliminate hostility or bias that might be created by a certain thread title, while still allowing for discussion to take place. For more information on why threads may be closed, locked or removed from MiceChat, please see "When do you delete/lock/remove threads?".

When do you delete/lock/remove threads?

General policy for locking, deleting, or moving threads is when:

1. They reach over 2000 replies.
2. The topic of the thread violates our rules and regulations.
3. At any moderator's or administrator's discretion.

Out of hand topics, or topics what violate our Rules and Regulations may be moved to the Litter Box forum, or deleted from the site. Threads which spark heated debates that are outside the scope of general discussion (religion and politics), may be moved to MiceChat Gold's Debate Lounge forum.

There's a post/thread that I posted that I really don't like, can I delete it?

While we understand that you may regret posting something on the forums, we do not allow members to 'rewrite history' by deleting or removing posts and threads. Just as in real life, once you say something, it is difficult to retract. We believe the same thing on MiceChat, and remind you that your postings maybe visible for years after posting them.

Similarly, MiceChat will not remove a member from our history on request. If you would like to close your account, an administrator can fulfil the request but none of the posts made by the member will be removed from the site.

What are the rules regarding Signature Lines?

The "Sig Line" is the place where you can type a standard conclusion to your posts, or post a small picture or link to your personal web site or blog (but not to a business without our prior approval). MiceChat does not allow you to link to other Disney Fan sites or post general advertising in your Sig Line - That would be considered SPAM and may result in the suspension of your account. While we do not have a "Maximum" size for signature images, users are asked to keep their Sig Lines as small as possible, so the boards do not become too cluttered. Long signatures can severely impact site performance and our member's site experience. When in doubt, ask a Moderator for their thoughts and suggestions.

MiceChat rules do not allow Political and Religious discussion/images on the main forums - This includes your signature lines.

I'm done with MiceChat, can you delete my account?

We're sorry that you are done with your time on the boards. However, we do not delete user accounts. This is to not only maintain the integrity of posts and threads on our boards, but to prevent users from creating multiple accounts. If there is specific information you would like removed from your profile, then please use the 'Contact Us' link on any page.

MiceChat is a private site - Your status can be changed at any time for any reason

MiceChat is a privately run site. While we have attempted to establish rules to maintain the general peace and happiness of those on our forums, we do reserve the right to limit or remove the access of any individual member of this site to post or read sections (or the entire site) or any other features of the site - at any time, for any reason. If you act in a way that undermines the community or the peaceful running of this site, or fail to follow the direction of our staff, you are subject to suspension or banning at our discretion whether or not it violates other stated MiceChat rules. There are plenty of places on the Internet where you can be rude, hostile, and unkind, MiceChat is NOT one of those places. Thank you for doing your best to promote a healthy, fun, and tolerant community.

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