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What Is Reputation?

Reputation is a system on MiceChat that encourages self-moderation by allowing users to mark other member’s posts as either Helpful to the community or Unhelpful to the community.

The goal of reputation is to promote MiceChat's Rules and Regulations which are designed to encourage positive discussions and an open, welcoming community. This is not an “I Agree” or “I Disagree” system. The intention is for members to reward those who have gone above and beyond to create good content or to help identify folks who derail discussions, create hostility or in any other way violate our rules and make it difficult for others to post.

How do I give reputation?

Give reputation by clicking the "Mark as Helpful/Unhelpful" link at the bottom of any post.

You will be prompted to select a reason for giving the reputation from a list. This is to ensure that the reason for giving the reputation point is legitimate, as well as so that the member receiving the point knows what they are doing well, or need to improve on when posting. Note that if you cannot find the reason for which you wish to give someone reputation in the list, it may be better to report the post or contact a moderator via Private Message.

After filling out the information, click Add To Reputation to have the point added to the recieving member's profile.

How often can I mark a MiceChatters post as Helpful/Unhelpful?

You can mark up to 20 posts as helpful per day, but you can only mark a person helpful for every 20 posts you mark helpful.

For example: If Monorail Man marks Dustysage as helpful - he must mark 20 other MiceChatters as Helpful before being able to mark Dustysage as Helpful again.

Why did I recieve reputation, and from whom?

You can view all of the reputation points you have received by visiting your personal Settings page. A link to this page can be found at the top of every MiceChat Page.

For every reputation point you receive, you will get a link to the post and the time at which it was given. You will also be able to view the reason for which the member assigned you the point. If the point is for a positive post, you will also be able to see which Member awarded it to you. For negative points, the member name is withheld for privacy reasons. In its place there will be a link to dispute any reputation you feel you do not deserve. Note that disputing a reputation point will put you in contact with a moderator who may or may not contact you after reviewing the points in question.

What about discussing reputation with other members?

The giving and receiving of reputation is not to be discussed with other members under any circumstances. This includes thanking members for reputation or bringing attention to reputation you feel you did not deserve. Posting about, or leaving messages about specific reputation are grounds for disciplinary action including infraction points and/or suspension. Please use the ‘Contact Us’ page to inform us of a problem or abuse of the system. Bringing up abuse of the system with us in private will allow us to confront the member using the system inappropriately and correct the issue. However, bringing up the issue in public or breaking any other site rules may instead bring the disciplinary action upon yourself. Please take advantage of the Dispute process in order to allow us to help you. This will make the system, and our community, stronger.

Why did my reputation drop?

There are several reasons why your Reputation may have dropped:
  • Reputation points automatically expire after 3 months.
  • A thread or post may have been deleted that had been marked Helpful
  • You may have been marked as Unhelpful by others in the community.

I suspect abuse with the system. What can I do?

If you feel that a specific reputation point is unwarranted, there is a dispute link on each reputation point in every member's settings page. Please select "Reputation Problem" on the form this link directs you to and fill in some information about the reputation you feel you do not deserve.

Note that a moderator may or may not contact you about a dispute.

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