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    Yay, MiceChat 4.0!!!

    Thanks Monorail Man and DustySage!!!

    If some of you have not noticed, there is a new selector box at the bottom of all MiceChat pages. Changing the bar from "--MiceChat Default 3.1" to "--MiceChat 4 Default" opens up a whole new side of MiceChat! MiceChat now takes on a "Web 2.0" style, and a change of colors (don't worry, the colors are still very similar). Personally, I really like the new style...

    Try it!


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    Re: Yay, MiceChat 4.0!!!

    looks nice, I will have to try this one. seeing the edit and quote in the box where the post count and such used to be Im not sure about it now that I see it.
    I miss dole whips......... can someone mail me one??

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    Re: Yay, MiceChat 4.0!!!

    Sorry, but this wasn't for public eyes. I must have accidently checked the box that allows everyone to view it.

    This was just a test I was working on, and nothing more.
    -Monorail Man

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